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Carpet suppliers for Amico Flooring

Carpet provides a look that is absolutely affordable, luxuriously livable, and very versatile. Carpet gives both performance and comfort. There are a variety of textures, colors, and styles that will suit every lifestyle and any taste.

Carpet adds comfort and warmth to a home by increasing the insulation and sound absorption. The floor is cool in the summer and warm in winter. Carpet is an economical, functional, and beautiful option for families with pets and kids. Many textures and colors are available. There is no excuse for putting off the purchase of new carpet.

Dream Weaver carpet

Amico Flooring carries the Dream Weaver brand of carpet. Dream Weaver has PureColor™ fibers that do not fade when exposed to harsh sunlight for prolonged periods. The fiber color does not wear off in areas of high traffic. Spot cleaning does not bleach out fibers. When properly taken care of, Dream Weaver Carpet fibers resist staining, even from pet urine, mustard, and red wine.

Mohawk carpet

Amico Flooring has Mohawk carpet than can be installed over many surfaces to hide subfloor irregularities. Mohawk manufacturers have a specific lifestyle in mind. They have innovated the most pet-friendly, family-friendly, and softest carpet ever. Life's stains and spills are resisted like never before. The carpet stands up to wear from heavy traffic. Mohawk has carpet that suits every lifestyle and budget.
Shaw Carpet at Amico Flooring

Shaw carpet

It is sometimes difficult to decide which carpet to choose. Shaw Carpet manufacturers do not make the choice any easier. They specialize in the carpet for home use and commercial industries. Shaw carpet is ideal when buyers know what they want. The fabulous pieces of Shaw handy work look great in areas where friends are entertained, or in a business as an element that stands out among the rest.

Customers from Central Massachusetts have faced the dilemma of choosing carpet carried by Amico Flooring. No matter what carpet is chosen, customers are pleased.

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