Choosing hardwood for a remodeling project is no small feat. Lots of decisions have to be made, and many details have to be ironed out. Having a stylish, strong foundation makes designing a home of your dreams easier. Amico Flooring offers top quality hardwood from Anderson manufacturers.

Anderson hardwood floors have a reputation for uniqueness and superior quality. A series of oak hardwood has six different color variations. The series offers a durable and elegant product.

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Light Colored Hardwood

The lighter options are natural, butterscotch, and gunstock. The lightest is the natural color. It features a clean, refreshing look that can be installed in entryways, hallways, living rooms, and kitchens, to give the home a cohesive and consistent feel and look. Almost any type of décor or furniture can utilize the pale, golden hue of this flexible color choice.

The butterscotch variation provides a charming, comforting floor. A relatively neutral appearance makes it perfect for areas of the home not separated by walls. The hint of copper tones adds a unique character to the traditional, natural feel of typical hardwood.

Medium brown tones of the gunstock color give the surface an artistic look that is versatile and stunning. It is casual enough for hallways and kitchens, and stately enough for defining accent in rooms that are more private, such as bedrooms and offices.

Dark Colored Hardwood

The darker versions are cherry, coffee bean, and saddle. Cherry hardwood is great for homeowners with a taste that is a bit eccentric. It has a mix of auburn, copper, and rose-brown hues. A unique and powerful look is created. This product's interesting color evokes jealousy from guests, whether it is placed in kitchens, dining rooms, entertainment areas, or living rooms.

Coffee bean is a blend of coffee and mocha tones. It radiates a calming and comforting atmosphere. This hardwood makes homeowners appreciate coming home.

Saddle is a time-weathered surface that infuses the home with rustic authenticity. It instantly upgrades a boring space to one that has classic appeal. The mix of light, medium, and dark browns is a flexible design option for any home. It can be used in a living room with couches of black leather, or in a kitchen with stainless steel countertops and white cabinetry.

When remodeling a home, choosing hardwood that is visually enticing and functional is the place to start. Customers from Westminster, Gardner, Lunenburg, Leominster, and Fitchburg have been making that kind of hardwood selection from the Amico Flooring showroom in Fitchburg, MA.
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