Luxury vinyl flooring is resilient flooring that includes luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles. A loose description is a vinyl-based material that mimics the look of natural materials through realistic textures and images.

Luxury vinyl is higher in price than traditional vinyl. There are some overlapping features. Sometimes the two are indistinguishable. Putting ‘luxury' and ‘vinyl' together is somewhat of an oxymoron.

Vinyl flooring has been associated with bargain installation for a long time. Now, luxury vinyl flooring is seen in two million dollar condominiums. The placement is the result of old-fashioned marketing and new technologies.

Years ago, laminate eclipsed vinyl as an inexpensive, easy-to-install flooring material. Laminate had a layer of photo realistic images that successfully imitated a wood look. The plank format had the long, narrow shape of hardwood boards.

Sheet vinyl offered only unrealistic grout lines for flooring that had a stone look. There was almost nothing available in wood look flooring. In 2006, the reinvention of vinyl flooring and manufacturers' attempts to position vinyl as a viable flooring material was a successful initiative to capture the urban condominium market.

Condominium dwellers did not want to install solid hardwood because of its cost. Homeowners associations also prevented hardwood installation. Luxury vinyl takes two forms: Natural stone, and wood simulation.

Simulated stone comes in marble, travertine, slate, and other stone look-alikes. Pine, walnut, oak, and teak are mimicked in wood simulations. LVT is distinguished from traditional vinyl flooring by the shape of its individual pieces.

Traditional sheet vinyl comes in room lengths and widths to eliminate, or at least minimize, seams. Luxury vinyl tile normally comes in 12 and 16-inch squares.

LVP imitates solid wood flooring. It comes in plank shapes. Sizes vary. The typical plank is four feet long and seven inches wide. Wood-look luxury vinyl tile is 100 percent vinyl. Stone-look may have some stone in the composition.

When stone is present, it is only in the base layer. The top layer is vinyl. What you see and walk on is vinyl. LVT does not differ in the number of layers used in traditional vinyl flooring, but the individual layers are thicker.

The top layer is an aluminum oxide base that prevents shoe scuffs and light scratching. The clear film layer protects against tears and rips. A photo realistic print of wood or natural stone is beneath the clear film layer. The backing is the meat of the flooring. It gives the product solidity and structure.

Amico Flooring carries luxury vinyl flooring having a structural composition that allows customers from Westminster, Gardner, Lunenburg, Leominster, and Fitchburg to choose flooring that matches their performance requirements. The Fitchburg, MA showroom displays all the LVT and LVP types of luxury vinyl available.
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